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Hannah Holding a Gray Cat


Why Hannah chose the veterinary industry: "I am a recent graduate of Texas A&M University (whoop!) and have had a long-time interest in biology and physiology. I grew up on a large sheep ranch in Priddy, Texas, and have made it my career to involve myself in animal science from a young age. This included placing a variety of specimens (mostly bugs) under my $40 children’s microscope and hunting for fossils on the property.

In addition to my interest in veterinary medicine, I also love to do landscape and portrait photography, hike, fish, and immerse myself in the outdoors. A lot of my favorite aspects of veterinary medicine stem from building relationships with both my patients and my clients. I hope to continue forming these valuable connections someday as a Small Animal Veterinarian."

About Hannah's pets: Hannah has a cat named Odo. Odo was found by her partner underneath his truck at work during their senior year of college. He has now grown up into a rambunctious feline who loves to eat any, and all plants, treats, and papers.